Top Myths About Online College Degrees

There are several myths about online education and college degrees. Let’s shed some light on these misconceptions:

  1. Taking an online degree program is much easier than getting a degree at a college campus. The difficulty of a degree program is dependent on the school, not on the method in which it is acquired. Accredited universities that offer degrees in traditional campus programs have the same faculty address their online degree programs, which means the same professors are applying the same standards to the same type of class; it is just presented via the Internet instead of behind a desk.
  2. Online degrees are not accepted in the workforce or at other colleges. Provided you make sure that your online degree comes from an accredited institution, it holds the same merit and value as a campus-based degree. As mentioned previously, these degrees follow the same guidelines used by the campus-based equivalents at their school. This means getting employment with your degree or advancing to another level of study at a different college is no more or less difficult than if you obtained your degree via a campus.
  3. The credits from an online degree program are not transferable. If you begin your online degree and decide to transfer to another college during your study, your credits may be transferable to other accredited universities. Facts About Distance Learning Education claims over half the online programs can be transferred to any other program, including campus-based degrees. It is important to check with the online school in which you attend to learn more about transferability guidelines.
  4. Online schools are not accredited. Many online schools have accreditation from either the U.S. Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education. Some of these schools have received accreditation from both. It is important to review your online school of choice to make sure they have passed these accreditation guidelines; however, know when looking for your online education that most schools have passed this accreditation process and provide the same quality education you would find at a traditional campus-based university.
  5. Online degrees are provided by low-budget schools. There are several reputable, established colleges out there that thrive on campus-based and online education, like Saint Leo University, which has been participating in education since 1889. These colleges are by no means considered low budget. There are colleges out there that work on very low budgets without any kind of accreditation, offering degrees with no real backing; they are typically called degree mills. So long as you avoid these online education traps and go to a reputable, established location, your online degree will be provided to you with the same prestige and esteem as a campus-based degree.

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