Research Paper Bibliography

If you’re making an assignment which they are going to consult secondary sources there are primary secondary sources so you can of course this is the hardest part right this is like what we were talking about for 20 minutes at the start of this workshop sending students to the library to find my secretary this is the hardest part I think helping a students to narrow it down by simply giving them a reading list is a way to do it encouraging them to find their own reading list though I think is possible so long as so long as you discourage students from engaging sources that are tangentially related yoni. Learn how to create a bibliography for your research at Edusson.

How many things have been written on that one if you’re going to write a paper on their minds are you going to consult every source every I would jump in from the library library’s perspective to think a little bit too about what are the resources you’re sending them to define these secondary sources so like when I talk to they often really be a paper is really at least here that you can do most of their secondary searching in our catalog right that they don’t have to go much further from the books that we own and then the bibliographies in those books and then you know I can show that like the ATL a religion database but in a lot of ways that might be too much it might be better to for them to look just a JSTOR which has this you know for when you’re writing the graduate level you want something brighter but kissters searches across the humanities but there’s not a whole lot in religion right so they’ll just be like a snapshot of some article does anyone else have any thoughts about encouraging students to use databases versus just giving them a list of secondary sources well the reading list of secondary sources.

I feel like would only work of all of your students to write a statement for sure they did they are electively and we came up with a research topic like collectively we’re going to have the same thesis on paper but if you’re having different theses it would be possible but a lot of work for the teacher it’s the debate is between investing time well they all thing that you can is outsourced to a librarian right in your kids than them you can tell them to set up the consultation time with with the librarian – okay start doing it that way but if you have a submit the draft a bibliography I think it’s recommended holes okay yeah that’s less where kaname those that’s less worry but you never want to encourage students look these tossed on things you can’t you can’t read anything don’t be afraid you don’t have to cover every single you know base if it’s not it’s tangentially related don’t use it if it directly addresses the questions that you’ve already raised and you’ve created on your own that are yours and nobody else’s that’s good.

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