About Quoting in Essay

We are going to talk is quoting okay so that that’s going to be and people say well what is what is it is it five words is it four words is it six words don’t be doing the math don’t ask those questions right if you feel like you know you need to put it in your own words because otherwise your voice doesn’t come through paraphrase dangerous dangerous dangerous stuff Danger Danger okay this is where I see students get in trouble with plagiarism is paraphrasing because paraphrasing is a one-to-one relationship it’s just in other words it’s in your it’s in your words paraphrasing comes in very very handy when you are trying to translate technical material to a lay audience you can see that right my audience is not going to understand this concept or this definition this term unless I make it more user friendly it’s a one-to-one relationship okay but well I see students get into the most trouble with plagiarism is because they change a few words around. Read more articles on quoting at robotdon.com.

They cite the source they don’t put the quotation marks and they get taken to the honor Council for plagiarism but I was paraphrasing but you use words from the source and you didn’t do it properly but I put the citation but you didn’t put this and yes you credited the idea but no you did not credit the words does that make sense you credit the idea so you did halfway you credited the idea but you didn’t credit the words it’s really really difficult very difficult summary most of you guys are going to using summary most of the time and that’s why that Excel spreadsheet is so cool because you’re summarizing the concepts summary is just providing the main argument or the main idea in your own words do you cite it yes you still cite it okay but it’s in your own words so let’s go through a little bit of detail on this quotations have three parts three parts okay the source the material that documents the source such as the page number author or what not the actual quote the material taken from the text with the direct with the quotation marks and a tag.

Which is material that explains the quote okay that’s a really nice way of looking at a quote here’s an example this is a quotation from rereading Faulkner authority criticism in the sound and the fury as Phillip Weinstein noted in late 1980s that is green so anything is green is referring to where that stuff came from does that make sense and you see the eleven okay so I’ve got the the blue is the actual direct words from the source and that’s in quotation marks do you see that part okay the green also refers back God noted the same problem quote I make no excuse for attributing an act of consciousness to Benjy too many readers continue to listen to don’t even worry about what this is really saying you’ll dismissal fuckers appendix and of his Paris reviews close quote where did that come from source 12 okay in red is the tag where the where this person is explaining all that quoted material okay.

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