80`s Arcade Games Offered Pure Entertainment

The concept of arcade games was started in 1972, with the introduction of the Atari ping-pong game, Pong by the Japanese. Though Atari was the pioneer in 80s arcade games, they could not maintain their supremacy in arcade games because of the introduction of a large number of competitors to the market.


With the advent of electronic games, you could see arcade games wherever you went in the 80s. shopping malls, bowling alleys, movie theaters, bars, airports, bakeries, etc had arcade games that formed not only a source of entertainment to the public, but was also an additional source of income to the establishment housing it.


Reason for the popularity of these games


There are various games worth mentioning when you talk of 80s arcade games like Space Invaders, PacMan, Dong Kong and Tapper. These games were mostly played using the best electronic technology and integrated circuits.  The arcade machines that were played using coins usually worked using multiple CPUs, along with extra sound and graphics boards along with the latest technology. Though these games were manufactured using sophisticated equipment, it was its simplicity in usage that made them so popular.


Anyone could learn to play 80s arcade games as its rules were so simple. The main aim of all games was to play as long as the character lived; it was when the character died that the player had to use another coin to re-start the game.


Another reason for the increased popularity of arcade games in the 80s was that the kids of that era had no malls to hang out at after school. The only place and alternative they had for relaxation were these 80s arcade games. Here is an introduction to some of the popular 80s arcade games.

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