80`s Arcade Games Offered Pure Entertainment 2

Popular 80`s arcade games


Space invaders is a great, fun and exciting game of the 80s. It was created by the Japanese in 1978 in Japan. It resembles a shooting gallery where you find a movable laser below the video screen. This laser had to avoid, and shoot video aliens that passed across the screen while raining deadly bombs and rays. You also had to make sure the aliens did not reach the screen bottom, as it meant the end of the game.


Pac man is another popular and entertaining 80s arcade game. It was created by Namco, and was distributed in 1980. There are today various versions to this game; however the original game was not violent, easy to play and was very enjoyable. This made it the chosen game of both boys and girls, and the young and old.


The concept of the game is to maneuver the yellow circled Pac-man with a mouth through the maze. In the process, it has to eat small dots and various prizes while being chased by four ghosts.


Arcade Video Games

The Donkey Kong is another very popular arcade game of the 80s. It was created by Nintendo, and was introduced to the world in 1981. The aim of the game is to maneuver the main character of the game, Mario through various platforms to rescue the distressed damsel in the hands of Donkey Kong. While going through the platforms, you have to ensure that he avoids the many obstacles there.


All these games remained popular till the advent of other types of video games like home video game consoles and fighting games that are played by two players.

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