3 ways to get more fun out of casino slots

  1. Know your limit. Let’s be honest here, we’re not all Bill Gates. We all have rent to pay, a car to pay off etc. Nobody wants to lose all their money on the casino floor. When arriving at the casino, set out a specific amount that you will stop at, once things go downhill. The hard part is making sure that you stick to this amount, and don’t become too emotionally involved, hoping that your luck will change if you play more slot machines.
  2. Don’t believe in superstitions. Gamblers tend to believe that doing certain things, or doing things in a particular way will increase their chances of winning. Some believe in the “Hot and Cold” theory, which states that certain machines are “hot” due to the fact that they are being played a lot on that particular day, and are therefore going to produce a winning for the next person who plays it. This is far from the truth. Slot machine spins are predetermined by an intricate computer programme that is not affected by how many people have played the machine. Another popular myth is that heated coins bring more luck, which is why you will sometimes see gamblers rubbing their coins between their fingers. In actually fact, all you will achieve is two sore hands. One theory which gamblers tend to gravitate towards, is the idea that newer slot machines have a higher payout rate than older slot machines. All of these theories are not grounded in scientific fact, and are mere nonsense which has unfortunately passed on through generations. If you fixate yourself on superstitions, and you don’t experience good luck, you will find that playing the slot machines will only be a depressing and negative experience, so keep clear of all superstitions.
  3. Know when to quit. This ability is a crucial component to having fun, within any activity. If you’re out on the town, knowing when to have your last drink will greatly affect your mood and definitely your health, for the rest of the night. The same theory applies to playing the slots. If things aren’t going your way, and you’re losing money, just walk away. Some people who are on a losing streak, have this determination to win back what they lost, so they sit at slot machines, pressing the buttons like a robot, hoping their luck will change. The truth is, your luck might even get worse. So when the time has come, accept the fact that you have incurred losses and you can still have fun for the rest of the night, whether it be playing the tables or having something to eat in the casino restaurant. A true winner always knows when to stop.


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