Research Paper Bibliography

If you’re making an assignment which they are going to consult secondary sources there are primary secondary sources so you can of course this is the hardest part right this is like what we were talking about for 20 minutes at the start of this workshop sending students to the library to find my secretary this is the hardest part I think helping a students to narrow it down by simply giving them a reading list is a way to do it encouraging them to find their own reading list though I think is possible so long as so long as you discourage students from engaging sources that are tangentially related yoni. Learn how to create a bibliography for your research at Edusson.

How many things have been written on that one if you’re going to write a paper on their minds are you going to consult every source every I would jump in from the library library’s perspective to think a little bit too about what are the resources you’re sending them to define these secondary sources so like when I talk to they often really be a paper is really at least here that you can do most of their secondary searching in our catalog right that they don’t have to go much further from the books that we own and then the bibliographies in those books and then you know I can show that like the ATL a religion database but in a lot of ways that might be too much it might be better to for them to look just a JSTOR which has this you know for when you’re writing the graduate level you want something brighter but kissters searches across the humanities but there’s not a whole lot in religion right so they’ll just be like a snapshot of some article does anyone else have any thoughts about encouraging students to use databases versus just giving them a list of secondary sources well the reading list of secondary sources.

I feel like would only work of all of your students to write a statement for sure they did they are electively and we came up with a research topic like collectively we’re going to have the same thesis on paper but if you’re having different theses it would be possible but a lot of work for the teacher it’s the debate is between investing time well they all thing that you can is outsourced to a librarian right in your kids than them you can tell them to set up the consultation time with with the librarian – okay start doing it that way but if you have a submit the draft a bibliography I think it’s recommended holes okay yeah that’s less where kaname those that’s less worry but you never want to encourage students look these tossed on things you can’t you can’t read anything don’t be afraid you don’t have to cover every single you know base if it’s not it’s tangentially related don’t use it if it directly addresses the questions that you’ve already raised and you’ve created on your own that are yours and nobody else’s that’s good.

About Quoting in Essay

We are going to talk is quoting okay so that that’s going to be and people say well what is what is it is it five words is it four words is it six words don’t be doing the math don’t ask those questions right if you feel like you know you need to put it in your own words because otherwise your voice doesn’t come through paraphrase dangerous dangerous dangerous stuff Danger Danger okay this is where I see students get in trouble with plagiarism is paraphrasing because paraphrasing is a one-to-one relationship it’s just in other words it’s in your it’s in your words paraphrasing comes in very very handy when you are trying to translate technical material to a lay audience you can see that right my audience is not going to understand this concept or this definition this term unless I make it more user friendly it’s a one-to-one relationship okay but well I see students get into the most trouble with plagiarism is because they change a few words around. Read more articles on quoting at

They cite the source they don’t put the quotation marks and they get taken to the honor Council for plagiarism but I was paraphrasing but you use words from the source and you didn’t do it properly but I put the citation but you didn’t put this and yes you credited the idea but no you did not credit the words does that make sense you credit the idea so you did halfway you credited the idea but you didn’t credit the words it’s really really difficult very difficult summary most of you guys are going to using summary most of the time and that’s why that Excel spreadsheet is so cool because you’re summarizing the concepts summary is just providing the main argument or the main idea in your own words do you cite it yes you still cite it okay but it’s in your own words so let’s go through a little bit of detail on this quotations have three parts three parts okay the source the material that documents the source such as the page number author or what not the actual quote the material taken from the text with the direct with the quotation marks and a tag.

Which is material that explains the quote okay that’s a really nice way of looking at a quote here’s an example this is a quotation from rereading Faulkner authority criticism in the sound and the fury as Phillip Weinstein noted in late 1980s that is green so anything is green is referring to where that stuff came from does that make sense and you see the eleven okay so I’ve got the the blue is the actual direct words from the source and that’s in quotation marks do you see that part okay the green also refers back God noted the same problem quote I make no excuse for attributing an act of consciousness to Benjy too many readers continue to listen to don’t even worry about what this is really saying you’ll dismissal fuckers appendix and of his Paris reviews close quote where did that come from source 12 okay in red is the tag where the where this person is explaining all that quoted material okay.

College Admission Tips

College Search Process

You should not count on your activities, which will get you into the selected college. They can be a main factor in your inclination, but until you have extraordinary talent in music, athletics, etc., they will not help you. Preparation strength, marks, and standardized (SAT or ACT) scores bring far more weight. You should realize that colleges are commonly more impressed by true commitment to some co-curricular activities than restricted partaking in many.

You should not strike colleges off whose names you have never heard. You need to attend college fairs, read the literature that you get in the mail, meet with college representatives attending your school, speak with your counselor, and utilize numerous great resources obtainable on the Internet. Explore many options and look information insistently. When you doze, you lose.

If you take your “colleges to enter” list, you should not worry to comprise several “reach” schools, but be sensible about your opportunities. And, take in at least two carefully selected “safety” schools. “Fall back” and “safety” schools are colleges, which you are sure will accept you, institutions that you will be capable to afford with no hardship, and colleges, which you would be very glad to attend.


College Application Info

Applying to college will take organization, effort, and thought. Most students apply early decision, as they believe there is an opportunity for enrollment. In fact, it can differ from one school to another and from year to year. At first, you should do homework and see what the students did in the past. Are you enough qualified to apply?


Teachers must always get more than two weeks notice, before the postmark date. Make sure that you have enough time to do a necessary job. Supply your teacher with a stamped envelope that is addressed to a chosen college plus.

For the most of the time, you can not afford to have a financial aid. The excellent thing to do is to get in touch with the schools. Next, you should apply to those schools and colleges.

3 ways to get more fun out of casino slots

  1. Know your limit. Let’s be honest here, we’re not all Bill Gates. We all have rent to pay, a car to pay off etc. Nobody wants to lose all their money on the casino floor. When arriving at the casino, set out a specific amount that you will stop at, once things go downhill. The hard part is making sure that you stick to this amount, and don’t become too emotionally involved, hoping that your luck will change if you play more slot machines.
  2. Don’t believe in superstitions. Gamblers tend to believe that doing certain things, or doing things in a particular way will increase their chances of winning. Some believe in the “Hot and Cold” theory, which states that certain machines are “hot” due to the fact that they are being played a lot on that particular day, and are therefore going to produce a winning for the next person who plays it. This is far from the truth. Slot machine spins are predetermined by an intricate computer programme that is not affected by how many people have played the machine. Another popular myth is that heated coins bring more luck, which is why you will sometimes see gamblers rubbing their coins between their fingers. In actually fact, all you will achieve is two sore hands. One theory which gamblers tend to gravitate towards, is the idea that newer slot machines have a higher payout rate than older slot machines. All of these theories are not grounded in scientific fact, and are mere nonsense which has unfortunately passed on through generations. If you fixate yourself on superstitions, and you don’t experience good luck, you will find that playing the slot machines will only be a depressing and negative experience, so keep clear of all superstitions.
  3. Know when to quit. This ability is a crucial component to having fun, within any activity. If you’re out on the town, knowing when to have your last drink will greatly affect your mood and definitely your health, for the rest of the night. The same theory applies to playing the slots. If things aren’t going your way, and you’re losing money, just walk away. Some people who are on a losing streak, have this determination to win back what they lost, so they sit at slot machines, pressing the buttons like a robot, hoping their luck will change. The truth is, your luck might even get worse. So when the time has come, accept the fact that you have incurred losses and you can still have fun for the rest of the night, whether it be playing the tables or having something to eat in the casino restaurant. A true winner always knows when to stop.


Top Myths About Online College Degrees

There are several myths about online education and college degrees. Let’s shed some light on these misconceptions:

  1. Taking an online degree program is much easier than getting a degree at a college campus. The difficulty of a degree program is dependent on the school, not on the method in which it is acquired. Accredited universities that offer degrees in traditional campus programs have the same faculty address their online degree programs, which means the same professors are applying the same standards to the same type of class; it is just presented via the Internet instead of behind a desk.
  2. Online degrees are not accepted in the workforce or at other colleges. Provided you make sure that your online degree comes from an accredited institution, it holds the same merit and value as a campus-based degree. As mentioned previously, these degrees follow the same guidelines used by the campus-based equivalents at their school. This means getting employment with your degree or advancing to another level of study at a different college is no more or less difficult than if you obtained your degree via a campus.
  3. The credits from an online degree program are not transferable. If you begin your online degree and decide to transfer to another college during your study, your credits may be transferable to other accredited universities. Facts About Distance Learning Education claims over half the online programs can be transferred to any other program, including campus-based degrees. It is important to check with the online school in which you attend to learn more about transferability guidelines.
  4. Online schools are not accredited. Many online schools have accreditation from either the U.S. Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education. Some of these schools have received accreditation from both. It is important to review your online school of choice to make sure they have passed these accreditation guidelines; however, know when looking for your online education that most schools have passed this accreditation process and provide the same quality education you would find at a traditional campus-based university.
  5. Online degrees are provided by low-budget schools. There are several reputable, established colleges out there that thrive on campus-based and online education, like Saint Leo University, which has been participating in education since 1889. These colleges are by no means considered low budget. There are colleges out there that work on very low budgets without any kind of accreditation, offering degrees with no real backing; they are typically called degree mills. So long as you avoid these online education traps and go to a reputable, established location, your online degree will be provided to you with the same prestige and esteem as a campus-based degree.

80`s Arcade Games Offered Pure Entertainment 2

Popular 80`s arcade games


Space invaders is a great, fun and exciting game of the 80s. It was created by the Japanese in 1978 in Japan. It resembles a shooting gallery where you find a movable laser below the video screen. This laser had to avoid, and shoot video aliens that passed across the screen while raining deadly bombs and rays. You also had to make sure the aliens did not reach the screen bottom, as it meant the end of the game.


Pac man is another popular and entertaining 80s arcade game. It was created by Namco, and was distributed in 1980. There are today various versions to this game; however the original game was not violent, easy to play and was very enjoyable. This made it the chosen game of both boys and girls, and the young and old.


The concept of the game is to maneuver the yellow circled Pac-man with a mouth through the maze. In the process, it has to eat small dots and various prizes while being chased by four ghosts.


Arcade Video Games

The Donkey Kong is another very popular arcade game of the 80s. It was created by Nintendo, and was introduced to the world in 1981. The aim of the game is to maneuver the main character of the game, Mario through various platforms to rescue the distressed damsel in the hands of Donkey Kong. While going through the platforms, you have to ensure that he avoids the many obstacles there.


All these games remained popular till the advent of other types of video games like home video game consoles and fighting games that are played by two players.

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80`s Arcade Games Offered Pure Entertainment

The concept of arcade games was started in 1972, with the introduction of the Atari ping-pong game, Pong by the Japanese. Though Atari was the pioneer in 80s arcade games, they could not maintain their supremacy in arcade games because of the introduction of a large number of competitors to the market.


With the advent of electronic games, you could see arcade games wherever you went in the 80s. shopping malls, bowling alleys, movie theaters, bars, airports, bakeries, etc had arcade games that formed not only a source of entertainment to the public, but was also an additional source of income to the establishment housing it.


Reason for the popularity of these games


There are various games worth mentioning when you talk of 80s arcade games like Space Invaders, PacMan, Dong Kong and Tapper. These games were mostly played using the best electronic technology and integrated circuits.  The arcade machines that were played using coins usually worked using multiple CPUs, along with extra sound and graphics boards along with the latest technology. Though these games were manufactured using sophisticated equipment, it was its simplicity in usage that made them so popular.


Anyone could learn to play 80s arcade games as its rules were so simple. The main aim of all games was to play as long as the character lived; it was when the character died that the player had to use another coin to re-start the game.


Another reason for the increased popularity of arcade games in the 80s was that the kids of that era had no malls to hang out at after school. The only place and alternative they had for relaxation were these 80s arcade games. Here is an introduction to some of the popular 80s arcade games.

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Arcade Video Games

Arcade Video Games Review Find the Best Arcade Video Games

Looking back forty years ago, the fledgling arcade video games business was under a very big pressure to make a name in the gaming industry as it competed head to head with playing cards, toys, and board games for the consumers. The early arcade video games like Donkey Kong, Pac Man, and Pong were very basic and in critical situation in terms of the new gaming technology, and there was very little creativity involved in their functions and designs. Today, the gaming industry is considered as a multi-billion dollar industry that has thrived and progressed increasingly.

With highly technological advances such as the high definition graphics, motion capture systems, Dolby Sound, easily controllable motion sensor remote controls that allow the gamers to easily and quickly get up and make some movements as they punch, kick, swing, fish, dance, and golf all through the gaming sessions, arcade video games have transformed from being more than just an ordinary toy. Arcade video games are truly an escape that offers gamers a completely new reality. Adults and kids alike are now playing PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii video games more than ever before and the gaming industry is thus getting bigger and is thriving more and more everyday.

One advantage of playing arcade video games is that these offer interaction. You can get yourself involved with whatever is happening on your screen. This gives any player the feeling of involvement and empowerment. Thus, these games are more than just an escape. They actually offer the feeling of being in a journey towards another word where the actions do not have any real negative consequences on the player.

Arcade video games have really come a very long way since the good old days of Pac Man, Pong, and Donkey Kong. While the recognition given to these games are not as fabulous and grand as the Oscars, these games are surely on a pace that would give them a perfect run for money especially when it comes to publicity.